6 Month Semi-Annual & Annual Inspections for Food Trucks

Food truck fire suppression is so much more than a government requirement. It protects you, your staff and your investment.

We’ve helped to raise money for food trucks completely lost to fire on more than one occasion. In all cases, the damage done could have been significantly reduced or avoided with proper fire suppression equipment and inspections.

This is definitely one of those times where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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6 Month Semi-Annual & Annual Inspections for Restaurants

Local & national fire codes call for the inspection of hood suppression systems, alarms, and sprinklers at regular intervals.

We specialize in performing these inspections for restaurants and others in the foodservice industry. Inspections are completed promptly and repairs made quickly with minimum downtime and disturbances to staff.

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Commercial Hood Fire Suppression Inspections, Installation & Repair

The Phoenix Fire Code is based on the International Fire Code. It provides minimum fire and life-safety standards for restaurants and food trucks.

The Phoenix Fire Code is a companion code to the International Codes which were adopted by the City of Phoenix Planning and Development.

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